How to Join

If you are thinking of joining the choir and would like to find out more about us:

Give us a call - Michael and Evelyn Catterick are our recruitment leads and you can call them on 01759 373544.  They will be happy to let you know about current vacancies in the choir and advise you on all aspects of membership.

Come and sit in on one of our rehearsals - we practise from 7.30pm every Thursday evening during term time at Stamford Bridge Primary School (Junior Hall) Church Road, Stamford Bridge YO41 1BP.  Try to get there around 7.15pm if possible so that one of the Committee members can introduce themselves and have a chat with you about the choir.

Come along to one of our performances - our next event will always be advertised on the homepage of our website.

We currently have vacancies so do get in touch and find out more.

We are a community choir which means we have no rules about age, background or previous experience of singing.  We sing a wide range of music, some of which can be quite challenging, so although we do not ask for members to be able to read music, some knowledge of music can be very helpful. 

We practise from 7.30-9.15pm every Thursday evening during school term times at Stamford Bridge Primary School (Junior Hall) Church Road, Stamford Bridge YO41 1BP.  Try and get there around 7.15pm if possible as there is often help needed with putting chairs out or music to be handed out or collected in.

Normally we welcome new members to sit with the choir from their very first visit, and sing along as and when they feel comfortable to do so.  However, if you would rather just listen at first that is absolutely fine.

Absence or Late Arrival

Unavoidable absence or the need to arrive late to rehearsals should be notified to the choir via the email address giving as much notice as you can.
Concerts and services
A list of forthcoming choir events is posted on the diary section of the choir website, usually a year in advance. 

If absence is unavoidable we ask you to inform the choir via the email address as far in advance as possible.  The absence of voices may well make a difference to the music we can sing. 
We do not conduct formal auditions.  Instead, the first term is a trial period which gives you the chance to find out whether you enjoy singing with us and gives us a chance to find out a bit about you and your singing abilities. 

Choir dress


black, ankle-length skirt or long black tailored trousers;

plain black top with sleeves (covering shoulders) and modest neck-line;

 black shoes (not sandals);

 a plain poppy red accessory of your choice (e.g. scarf, cardigan, corsage, belt, sash, shrug, headband, brooch, shawl, earrings).  For solemn church occasions (including funerals and some services) members may be asked to only wear black without the red accessories.

necklaces in the choir colours (red, amber, gold) may be worn for all performances including church services, but this is not mandatory as they are no longer available from the choir.


 black or dark grey lounge suit;

 black or white shirts depending on the event (long-sleeved if no jacket);

 choir tie (available to borrow);

 black shoes and dark socks.

Music etc.

The majority of music which you will require is supplied by the choir.  Each set of music is individually numbered; you will be assigned your own number and receive that set of music to look after for the term.  The numbering system allows us to account for each piece of music and trace it if it goes missing.  Occasionally you will be asked to purchase an item of music yourself. You will be provided with a music folder for performances.  Please return all music promptly when asked as this is a great help to our Music Librarian, Mike Thunder. If and when you leave the choir, all music and the folder for performances must be returned promptly. Any questions with regard to the music, please see Mike. Ties for men will also be issued on loan.


Subscriptions are £75 per year or £25 per term (£15 per year for under 18s/those in full time education). Annual subscriptions are payable in September each year.  New members are exempt the subscription in their first term of membership.
Choir Committee
Stamford Bridge Singers is a registered charity and member of Making Music (NFMS).  A committee of choir members, assists the Musical Director in the running of the choir.  All members of the choir are eligible to join to the committee.  There is an annual general meeting to which all members are invited.
Social Activities
We work hard at our singing, but the choir is more than this – it is a group of friends and as such we enjoy a number of social activities during the course of the year.  We arrange meals out, trips and visits.  Suggestions for social activities are very welcome – please speak to a committee member.

Please make a habit of checking our website which includes details of rehearsals, events, music required for each rehearsal and importantly, any changes to the normal routine. 

General Data Protection Regulations Rules 2018

As your details will be held on our data base records in paper and electronic form and are subject to the 

General Data Protection Regulations Rules 2018 we will require you to check that the information is correct and sign authorising us to record them. The information may be used to contact you but will not be passed on to a third party or used in any other way which deviates from its intended use by the Stamford Bridge Singers. 

Periodically we email a newsletter to those friends of the choir who like to be kept in touch with what we are doing.  Please send the names and email addresses of anyone that you think would like to receive our newsletter to the choir email address
It is important to keep the choir in the public eye.  To this end, our Publicity Officer would be pleased to know of any publications etc which you think would be prepared to publicise the choir.  Please see a member of the committee after choir practices with your suggestions or email the choir email address.